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Know our Cleaning Plans available for Saratosa-Bradenton & surrounding areas

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Regular Clean
Deep Clean
One-off | Move in/out
• Tub / Shower Stalls Scrubbed
• Clean & Sanitize Toilet
• Lights, Mirrors & Countertops Cleaned
• Cabinet Exteriors Cleaned
• Sinks Scrubbed & Faucets Polished
• Toilet Paper Holder & Towel Racks Polished
• Window Blinds Dusted
• Trash Emptied
• Floors Vacuumed & Mopped
• Baseboards Cleaned
• Clean AC Vent & Extractor Fan
• Clean Inside Cabinets/Drawers
• Countertops & Backsplash Cleaned
• Clean Stove Top
• Exterior Of Oven/Dishwasher
• Microwave Cleaned Inside & Out
• Exterior Of Small Appliances
• Dust Windowsills & Blinds
• Fridge Exterior & Rubber Seals
• Cabinet Exteriors & Top
• Sink Scrubbed, Faucet Polished
• Dining Table & Chairs Wiped Down
• Washer/Dryer Exteriors & Inside Lid
• Floors Vacuumed & Mopped
• Removal Of Heavy Build Up & Grease
• Baseboards Cleaned
• Clean Inside Oven
• Clean Inside Fridge
• Clean Inside Cabinets & Drawers
• Furniture, Windowsills & Blinds Dusted
• Light Fixtures & Lampshades Dusted
• Make Beds
• Mirrors Cleaned & Buffed
• Trash Emptied
• Ceiling Fans Dusted
• Baseboards Cleaned
• Dust AC Vent
Living Areas / Hallways / Stairs
• Windowsills & Blinds Dusted
• Furniture & Shelves Dusted
• Mirrors Cleaned & Buffed
• Light Fixtures, Lampshades & Artwork Dusted
• Dust Sofa & Plump Cushions
• Inside Of Sliding Doors Spot Cleaned
• Remove Fingerprints From Light Switches & Door Handles
• Floors Vacuumed & Mopped
• Ceiling Fans Dusted
• Vacuum Sofa
• Detailed Cleaning Of Doors
• Excessive Dust Removal
• AC Vents Dusted
• Sliding Doors & Rails Cleaned

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Additional services upon request at an additional price

Inside Oven Cleaning

Inside Refrigerator Cleaning

Linen Changed

Indoor Windows Washed

Thorough Cleaning Of Doors & Cabinets

Baseboards Cleaned

Sliding Doors Cleaned & Rails Vacuumed

Ceiling Fans Dusted

Lanai Furniture And Floors Cleaned

Items we can't help with

Dish Washing

Chandelier Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Taking Trash Off Site

Heavy Scrubbing Of Walls

Wiping Of Light Bulbs

Cleaning Inside Fireplace

Picking Up Clutter

Cleaning Outside BBQ/Grill

Cleaning Of Animal/Human Waste

Cleaning Pest Infestations & Mold

Cleaning Anything Above A 2 Step Ladder

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